State Requirements

It’s best to contact your state board listing directly for the most up-to-date information. This may involve completing an application for that state. Some preliminary information is available on the State Requirements Comparison Chart.

State Requirements Comparison Chart

State Board Index

Moving to a New State

Transferring your license to a new state

It is best to contact the state licensing board directly in the state to which you are moving. This may involve completing an application for that state. The most relevant information can be obtained only from the state to which you want to move. Their state website (see state board index) is one place to begin to find a state’s requirements.

Transferring your scores to a new state

If your new state board requests a copy of your MFT scores, fill out the online Score Transfer Request form through PTC. You can also use this form to obtain a copy of your scores for yourself. To begin the online form, click on the “New Application” tab and create a profile. Note: AMFTRB does not send copies of scores.

Must I test in the state in which I am seeking licensure or certification?

No. Candidates may sit for the examination at any of the Prometric testing centers in the United States, United States territories, and Canada. They are not required to sit for the examination within the state which they are seeking licensure or certification. Your scores will be sent to the state to which you are applying for licensure.


The California LMFT exam is not the same exam as the AMFTRB National Examination used by all of the other US jurisdictions including the District of Columbia and Guam. Generally:

a.) if you have only taken the California exam (so you can become a fully licensed LMFT in California), and you are transferring to another state or jurisdiction in which you wish to be licensed, the new state or jurisdiction may not accept your California exam scores. Every state or jurisdiction has different requirements, so please check with the new state or jurisdiction’s board. If they do not accept the California exam, you may be required to take the national exam (administered by AMFTRB).

b.) if you are transferring into California, you will need to check with the state board to see what you may be required to do to be licensed there.

All jurisdictions have a website that provides their most current requirements. Please see the list of state website links on AMFTRB’s website’s homepage.

1. I am licensed in California as an MFT. I am moving to a state that requires that I take the National Examination in Marital and Family Therapy. How would I go about signing up for the national examination and where would I take it?
To be qualified to sit for the National Examination in Marital and Family Therapy you must apply to the state MFT licensing board of the state in which you intend to practice. That State MFT Board will review your application and credentials to determine if you meet the state requirements to be approved to sit for the National Examination in Marriage and Family Therapy. Once the State MFT Board has approved your application they will notify you of that decision and include the contact information that you will need to register for taking the national examination. The examination is administered monthly during an established one-week testing period. The examination is a computer-based examination administered through Prometric testing centers. These centers are located throughout the United States, US Territories and Canada. Make your reservation at the testing center location that best suits your needs.

2. I am planning on moving to a different state, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I am a licensed MFT in CA, and I have noticed that most states request that you take the MFT National Exam. Is it possible for me to take the national exam so I already have that requirement fulfilled without having completed a state-specific application?
No, you must apply through a state since states are the licensing bodies.

3. Can the AMFTRB national examination for MFT administered through PTC be taken in the state of California?
Yes, the National Examination in MFT can be taken at any Prometric testing center in the United States, US Territories and Canada. The requirement is that one has qualified as a candidate to sit for the examination through a state that licenses MFTs using the national examination score.

4. I will become an intern in the state of California, and I plan on becoming licensed here; however, I plan to move afterwards. I read that I am unable to take the exam without going through the state first, but I was wondering if I would need to take some extra classes because I did not go to a COAMFTE accredited school. What extra classes could I take to complete that section before I sit for the test? Is there a listing of required classes that I could look at?
All of your questions can be answered only by the state to which you plan to move. Each state is independent in establishing the academic requirements for obtaining licensure in their own jurisdiction. You must contact that specific state licensing board (usually available through the state web site) directly to obtain the most current information.

5. How can I apply for the California MFT exam as an out-of-state applicant?
Please visit