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A comprehensive overview—The Exam Roadmap

The AMFTRB website is rich in explanations, guides, and answers to your questions. So, before you take the time and trouble to fill out the contact form, check out the resources below, in particular, our Exam Roadmap. You just may find your answer and save yourself the wait. That said, we are here to help, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know.

Please review these most frequently asked question:

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Testing Centers


In a nutshell:

AMFTRB only maintains the contents of the national MFT exam and relationships with its partners delivering the exam and its scoring.

  • For registration, payment, and scores, please review the Handbook for Candidates or contact Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) at 212-356-0660.
  • For all scheduling, rescheduling, and testing center questions, review the Handbook for Candidates or contact Prometric at (800) 741-0934.
  • For training, licensing, and transfer requirements, contact your state board or jurisdiction.