Transfer Your MFT Exam Scores or License to a New State

Transferring your license to a new state

It is best to contact the state licensing board directly in the state to which you are moving. This may involve completing an application for that state. The most relevant information can be obtained only from the state to which you want to move. Their state website (see state board index) is one place to begin to find a state’s requirements.

Transferring your MFT Examination scores to a new state

If your new state board requests a copy of your MFT scores, fill out the online Score Transfer Request form through PTC (the fee was $60/per transfer as of March 1, 2021). You can also use this form to obtain a copy of your scores for yourself. To begin the online form, click on the “New Application” tab and create a profile. Note: PTC has text scores back to 1989.

Note: If you wish to be licensed in a state(s) other than the one that provided your original approval code, you must confirm your eligibility with each of those state boards or jurisdictions.

Score Transfer Request

If you have any issues with this process, please contact PTC directly by calling (212) 356-0660 or using the Score Transfer Request button above. If you contact AMFTRB, we will simply ask you to call or email PTC instead.

Must I test in the state in which I am seeking licensure or certification?

No. Candidates may sit for the examination at any of the Prometric testing centers in the United States, United States territories, and Canada. They are not required to sit for the examination within the state which they are seeking licensure or certification. Your scores will be sent to the state to which you are applying for licensure.

What about California?

Find information about California here.