School voucher program for the MFT Practice Exam

AMFTRB’s practice exam for the MFT National Examination is $60 per attempt. The practice exam is composed of 100 items that have been retired from the licensing exam and meets the same statistical criteria as the national exam. The 100 items are divided between the six content domains at the same percentages for each domain as those in the licensing exam.

An MFT Training Program is able to purchase a block of vouchers for their students at the rate below:

  • 0 – 15 – full price
  • 16 – 30 = 5% discount
  • 30 – 50 = 10% discount
  • 50 – + = 15% discount

All vouchers are good for one year. The practice exam is administered on the student’s computer or in the schools computer lab, depending on how the institution sets that up. Each practice exam is accessed through AMFTRB’s website, under the EXAM tab.

The training program identifies an administrator for their voucher program. The administrator contacts Lois Paff Bergen ED, AMFTRB and then establishes their school site with Doug Odell, TesTrac, and participates in an orientation to the process. The training program administrator has direct access to all of their students’ attempts and their results, both for the full score and broken into the domains of practice. The training program administrator has direct access to the domain scores to help identify their students’ strengths and weakness by content domain. No individual items or answers are provided.

The practice exam has a special administration site to manage schools and allow them to enter, register candidate, retrieve candidate log in credentials, manage their vouchers and retrieve candidate attempt and domain scores. Candidate data and vouchers are tied to the school administrator.

The training program administrator should contact AMFTRB who will connect them to TesTrac for setting up the vouchers program for their school. It will take a few days to build the school site.