School voucher program for the MFT Practice Exam

AMFTRB’s practice exams for the MFT National Examination are $70 per attempt. Each practice exam is composed of 90 items that have been retired from the MFT National licensing exam and meet the same statistical criteria as the MFT National exam. The 90 items are divided between the six content domains at the same percentages for each domain as those in the licensing exam. The MFT National exam content outline can be found in the Handbook for Candidates, which is available here. Please have all your training program students read the handbook.

An MFT Training Program can purchase a block of vouchers for their students at the rate below:
• 0 – 10 = full price
• 11+ = 10% discount

All vouchers are good for six months. The practice exam is administered on the student’s computer or in the school’s computer lab, depending on how the institution sets that up. Each student accesses the practice exam on AMFTRB’s website here.

The training program appoints an administrator for their voucher program. The administrator completes the order form on PTC.

There are two forms available, a 2-hour and 3-hour format. On the order form, please select the practice test according to which form and format you would like to purchase. Select the 3-hour format only if a student requires extra time as part of a test accommodation.

When PTC receives an order, the purchaser and AMFTRB will receive an email. Once the order is approved, PTC will contact the administrator for payment and issue the voucher codes directly to the university/program. Please allow several days for this process to be completed.

The training program administrator will receive a copy of their student’s score reports, both for the full score and broken into the domains of practice. The domain scores will help to identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses by content domain. No individual items or answers are provided.